durabolin injection side effects

Acute toxicity Sustanon-250 formulation by intramuscular administration is very low. Priapism in males is a symptom of chronic overdose. In the case of priapism treatment with durabolin injection side effects should be suspended, and after the disappearance of the symptoms resumed at a lower dose.

Interaction with other drugs
Drugs that cause the induction or inhibition of enzymes may accordingly reduce or increase the testosterone concentration. Therefore, it may require dose adjustment and / or the intervals between injections.Androgens can improve glucose tolerance and reduce the need for insulin or other hypoglycemic agents in patients suffering from diabetes.
High doses of androgens can enhance the effect of anticoagulants coumarin type, which allows to reduce the dose of these drugs.

Special instructions
should be carried out medical surveillance of patients receiving durabolin injection side effects, prior to the start of treatment and on a quarterly basis within 12 months and then 1 per year.
The following studies should be carried out:

  • A digital rectal examination to prevent benign prostatic hyperplasia (see. In the same sentence) and the determination of the prostate specific antigen to exclude subclinical prostate cancer.
  • Measurement of hemoglobin and hematocrit to exclude polycythemia.

In patients with pre-existing heart disease, kidney or liver disease, treatment with androgens may cause complications characterized by edema with acute heart failure (or without it).
In case of adverse reactions associated with the use of androgens, treatment with durabolin injection side effects should be temporarily interrupted and after the disappearance of symptoms restart at a lower dose.
The use of androgens is not intended, and to enhance endurance in athletes poses serious health risks Application of androgens, including Sustanon-250 and elderly patients increases the risk of hypertrophy or prostate cancer.

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